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Red Oak Disposal is in the service business and you can be assured That we will stop at nothing to provide you with the absolute best refuse and recycling services available anywhere. To assist us in our efforts, we would appreciate that the following guidelines be adhered to when preparing material for collection.

Residential Customers

A. Please tie or seal all bags and try to cover all trash cans to avoid blowing material and animal messes.

B. Keep the weight of your bags and cans manageable, 50 pounds Maximum. Remember our personnel could have more than 1,000 stops just like yours on your pick up day.

C. Please try to have your material at the curb the night before if you are a rural customer. In city, customers can contact our office to find out what time collections begin in your community. Material that is placed out after the truck goes by may be left until the next
scheduled pick up day.

D. Please do not pour or spray bleach or other chemicals on your trash bags or in your cans. Our workers have sustained serious injuries from this practice in the past.

E. If you have a large clean up project, you may want to consider a small dumpster for a few days. See our photo gallery for available sizes and contact our office for pricing and availability.

F. Remember not to throw any household hazardous chemicals, diabetic needles, automotive batteries or un-dried cans of paint into your trash. This can cause severe messes, injuries or truck fires upon compaction. Contact our office to learn how to dispose of the above items as well as other undesirable materials.

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